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    Customer Focus;
    Medahulukan kepentingan pelanggan internal maupun eksternal dibandingkan kepentingan pribadi dalam pelaksanaan kerja sehari - hari
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    Bersikap jujur, perilaku disiplin dan penuh tanggungjawab, baik menyangkut disiplin waktu kerja, maupun pelaksanaan kerja sesuai tuntutan jabatan dan prosedur kerja
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    Menghasilkan ide-ide yang dapat digunakan untuk mempercepat proses transformasi PERUSAHAAN, serta terbuka terhadap metode-metode baru dalam analisis dan penyelesaian masalah
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    Your human quality is in what you do, and your knowledge is in what you say. (Imam Ghazali)
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    Every company has two organizational structures: The formal one is written on the charts; the other is the everyday relationship of the men and women in the organization. (Harold S. Gene)
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    Being gifted creates obligations, which means you owe the world your best effort at the work you love. You too are a natural resource. (Barbara Sher)
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    Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it. (Buddha)
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    Try not become a successful man but try to be a useful human being. (Einstein)
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    Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing. (Zig Ziglar)

CSR Tahun 2012

Corporate Social Responsibility


“Fostering good and long-term relationship

both with the stakeholders and environment

will bound to bring positive effect to the

Company’s reputation as well as benefit to

the communities.”

Throughout 2012, the Company has  

implemented CSR scheme

in the form of community development and community

engagement scheme to an amount of Rp1,375,000,000.-.

Maintaining good and long term relationship between Company and both its internal and external stakeholders as well as the environment are the important role of a good implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”). Constructive commitment built and guided emotional appeal engaged will be the trigger for positive impact of Company reputation, on the other hand the community will received sincere assistance from the Company. CSR is not only to comply towards Law No. 40 year 2007 regarding Private Limited Company (UU PT), but also an important initiative in supporting long term operational achievement and Company’s commitment to grow together with the community and its surroundings. The program approached towards the community was not only in term of short help, but also a long term sustainable help. In the implementation of CSR program, the Company always monitors and evaluates to ensure the program runs as targeted.

The Company policy in implementing CSR program has been prioritized and aim for community’s need of those within the operational area. Such program which aims to build harmony with the surroundings area has strong correlation with the Company operational sustainability. However, in the implementation, the Company also channel to the community living within a distance from the Company operational area, such as help for people who get affected by natural disaster and many other.

Quality of the Company will also be tested by its policy in implementing ethical business practice and show its care to other human being and its surroundings. Concrete contribution of Company’s CSR program implementation in 2012 was Rp. 1.375.000.000,- (One billion three hundreds and seventy five hundreds million rupiah) for community development and community engagement held by the external relations department, and formulated into 5 (five) pillars/fields of CSR, such as:

1. Education

Encouraging Awareness of the Importance of Revitalizing Early Intervention Education (PAUD)

Minimum facility and infrastructure of PAUD as well as training for teachers which has yet been received by educator encouraged the Company to initiate in providing education help for PAUD schools along the corridor of toll road located. Program assistance for education and training improvement of PAUD expected to encourage in creating more quality human resources as well as improving the quality of educator and curricula for PAUD based on character according to the guidance of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

PAUD Improvement Training aims to succeed PAUD Revitalize program especially on improving education quality program and its resources and developed education knowledge on playground concept for early stages children. Through proper training, participant’s expected to practice its basic PAUD education. And participants also expected to define types of competency of PAUD education according to the Minister of Education and National Regulation 58/2009 on PAUD.

Training participant will be equipped with basic training such as PAUD policy, strategy for quality improvement. PAUD implementation with BCCT approach, Child development, playing with kids, types and its implementation, governance of playground area, educational etiquette, communication with early age child, and PAUD education competency, Planning and educational evaluation which interest kids using contemporary holistic teaching approach based on character which expected to improved the education quality.

Training to improve the quality of PAUD was held on 1-15 March 2012 at Harmonie Training Center (HTC) – Indonesia Heritage Foundation (IHF) and participated by 16 educator from 8 (eight) PAUD located along the toll road corridor. The Company also provide Facilitation & Infrastructure for PAUD including building a new school for PAUD Melati RW 012 at Warakas district which launched by the North Jakarta Major, Bambang Sugiyono on 31 March 2012.

2. Social

a. Free Break Fasting

The initiate CSR supported by the company in welcoming Ramadhan 1433H was “free breakfasting” which aims for the public and in support to those who are doing fasting with food and various desserts at no cost. The break fasting event entrepreneurs from Street vendors (PKL) along the Company location starting 23 July – 10 August 2012, which participated by + 750 person per day visited the CMNP yard.

b. Snack at Toll Gate

The company also has its attention towards the toll user, where about 14.000 snacks distributed at no cost to all toll road in collaboration with Sonora Radio and Yayasan H.M.Jusuf Hamka through Sinergi Bersama dengan. In daily average, 900 snacks were given away at tol gate in Sunter, Ancol Barat, Rawamangun and Cempaka Putih starting 23 July – 10 August 2012.

c. Ramadhan & Idul Fitri 1433 H Parcels

Welcoming Idul Fitri 1433H, the Company distributed 2,000 parcels of nine core ingredients (sembako) for less fortunate people living along the corridors of toll road. The symbolist distribution for the packaged was held at Masjid NURSITI on Monday, 30 July 2012 along with the inauguration of the Mosque itself by the North Jakarta Major. The hampers were annually distributed by the Company to help low income family or foster parents of the orphan who needs funding to celebrate the festive days.

d. Donation for Managing & Building Religious Infrastructure

Donation to manage religious infrastructure has been disbursed by the Company directly to the mosque managers in 33 mosques along the toll road corridors. In addition to the activity, another religious infrastructure were disbursed through the development of Al Ikhlas Bekasi, Pesantren An-Nadhiliyah Kuningan, Masjid Nurussunah Bekasi, and Yayasan Tarbiyah Sunnah Bekasi.

e. Donation for Sacrificial Animal

The company donated 6 (six) cows for sacrificial animal to those who are less fortunate living along the operational area of the Company during Idul Adha. Such donation were given directly to the mosque committee and distributed to the less fortunate people living in the area.

3. Environment

Environment CSR which in line with the District Government program supported the Company in various self supporting activity around the Sunter area such as hot mix for the road and community service at Penjaringan, community service in Ancol and stop littering campaign to the creek which attended by the DKI Jakarta Governor, Fauzi Bowo and other stakeholders on 26 September 2012.

4. Social and Public Facility

CSR on Building Futsal field in RW 010 Warakas was part of land occupancy to benefit an empty field under the toll bridge toll and was handed over by the Company to the community on 18 September 2012 with the aim to ensure the area became comfort and away from having illegal occupant.

5. Health

As part of support inaugurated by the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) especially in the North Jakarta during the PMI fund raising month, the Company donated help to North Jakarta PMI which received directly their representatives on 17 October 2012.